*            My friends, I am Abraham, and tonight I would share a message with you as a friend of Machiventa, as well as a colleague. 

This exercise you have been going through over the last year or so may seem to be a sort of random gathering filled with ideas that can seem scattered and all over the place.  We would have you recognize that our intention has been for you to do exactly what it is you are doing, which is to come together slowly based upon your leadings, each individually, to explore what it is you each can both take and contribute to the overall flow.  This camaraderie exercise is meaningful in developing community that is not driven by a hierarchical need to gain followers or have leaders.  Know that each of you are contributors to the whole, and in your relationship to the Father, you will both lead and follow as needed, and cooperate in unison with your brothers and sisters to try and create the greatest effect. 

This is a sort of pattern that parallels the efforts of the Planetary Prince, who would develop patterns and communities by creating slow growing cooperation that spirals outward and collects more and more souls as the flow keeps happening.  This is what we would have you recognize tonight about your efforts and about our desires for you and our work with you, to help move you each forward individually, your group forward collectively and our planet forward.  Know that these efforts are intentional and not haphazard.  You are invited to be your best selves with each other and with us to the degree that we are able to connect and manifest a shared vision toward correction and toward, eventually, light and life.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this evening.  Good night.