(Question about battles and how to define that in context of our mission.)

*            Machiventa: Yes, indeed, there is a battle.  The only difference is that this battle is more psychic and less physical even though there are many physical manifestations of this struggle.  This is Machiventa.  Thank you for attempting this experiment. 

 We recognize you each have perspectives regarding how you view the world, and yet, a similar spiritual resonance that underlies your efforts.  Trust in this spiritual resonance that you each have rather than getting flustered by the differences in how each views their purpose and outreach.  The core of our unity is in the spiritual resonance to truth, beauty and goodness.  This is where the battles can be won, by encouraging that highest part in each person toward that connection to truth, beauty and goodness, toward kindness and doing for others. 

Instead of going with the flow or just accepting when you see counterproductive behaviors, look for how you can replace the negative with a positive perspective and encourage toward those activities that, quite honestly, give a feeling of being part of something good and connected rather than isolating feelings of anger and fear. 

 Q2: I know you don’t want to tell us what to do Machiventa, but can you tell us what the team looks like?  What kind of facilitators are available for us?

 *            Machiventa: I know you are excited by the makeup of the universe and all of the creaturedom teeming with support.  The core of who we are here on your world is administered by the Melchizedek Sons that have accompanied myself, along with a slew of ascending mortals who have returned to participate in this educational enterprise.  There are various support mechanisms from the angelic corps to the advisory roles that the Trinity and Magisterial Sons provide, but at the core of what you can share is a real sense that the universe has rallied to the aid of an area once isolated, to provide education and ministry that can help correct the defaults and the deficits over time.  If you focus on the excitement of who we are, then the mission can be overshadowed.

 Q3: I have this idea about paradigm fusion.  I don’t think all people need to think the same but I would like to try to help people understand each other.  So using art, if we have people view it from different perspectives and try to drop off all the trigger words and try to get a new basis of understanding by looking at something outside language, couldn’t that be a good thing?  By looking at this art, it would be part of education and ministry as far as I’m seeing, but I would need help with talking with people about it because of the different points of view and learning with people how to be nice to each other.

 *            Machiventa: Yes, this effort you speak of is worthwhile.  I would like to share a vision if it’s possible to express. 

There was once a person who, in their frustration with the difficulties of life, found it difficult to connect with philosophies and ideas because of the history associated, which provided sensitivity to certain words and phrases this person found alienating.  Thus, over time, they came to a place where nothing was good and everything was wrong. 

But a teacher came along, very patient, and slowly built a sense of trust that made it possible to cooperate in a sort of open philosophical manner.  As a result, this person began to feel as though they belonged and to feel as though they were a part of something. 

 One day, after a long period of learning by experience, this person had an epiphany moment where all of the protections left them and suddenly there was no longer a sense of alienation to various ideas out there, and when the teacher smiled at the recognition and asked them what they could see, the person looked up with a sense of love and emotion in their eyes, and said, “God is my Father, and you are my brother.” 

Ponder this, for your mission is to create the safe places where people can explore, without judgment, what it means to be part of something and connected to something.  Ultimately, when the true realization of the connectedness within occurs, the buzz words and those things that are alienating will no longer seem so.

Q4: I think that’s our mission statement.

 Q3: Create a safe place where people can explore without judgment…