*            I am Michael.  My dear ones, you are such stalwart followers of that which you know to be true.  Your pure desires to be connected with our Father are heard and every effort is made to bring that to realization.  Any time you feel as though it is not occurring at a pace that is satisfactory, remember that time is not the overriding factor in becoming unified with the spirit - with myself, with our Paradise Father and Mother.  Have patience with yourselves as you grow.  These perceptions you have are also intertwined with your human feelings and desires, your genetic makeup, and various other factors that can make it more difficult to achieve the union you seek at this stage of your existence, but we strive for it nevertheless, and this is the great challenge.  When you realize you are, regardless of whatever perceived weaknesses you think you have, still a child of the One Source that unifies all things in eternity, this should allow you to know that you are in good company.  You will, by your decisions, achieve that union.  

As you recognize the world and the difficulties inherent therein, your efforts at union with our Creative Source also allow you to be a unifier with other personalities as they struggle with the difficulties of life and the circumstances they face.  Be unified and seek to unify.  Seek to understand as much as you would seek to be understood.  Know that in eternity all personality will unify and thus, at this level, you may begin those nuanced efforts to understand your fellows, to allow them their trials and struggles and efforts, to explore their relationship with our creator and in doing so, to also become more of a unifying force as well.  Everything happens, not in a vacuum, but builds upon what is occurring, and so the challenge you face is to seek to explore your relationships thoroughly in a way that allows for others to also grow with you. 

I know many of you have wondered about how this current time can lead toward a more enlightened period, for as you look at what is occurring it can seem very disparate, dysfunctional.  I know these stem from the rebellion, in part, and as we allowed it to run its course, one of the most difficult things to understand on a human level is how it could be allowed to stray so far from the mission of our Father as given through the agencies down through to the planetary level.  And again, these are the challenges of being in a perspective that holds a high value on time.  We know that the highest potential can only be achieved by free will choice manifesting itself in concert with the spiritual forces that provide opportunity to view higher patterns. 

The gap between the rebellion and then the default until now seems a painfully long time to allow things to run their course, but we know that the manifestation of the highest spiritual evolution will occur by understanding that which does not serve you and that which does.  So if at all possible, we choose to work in a fashion that encourages and provides glimpses of those patterns and potentials rather than supplanting the current patterns with a more forced effort to correct deficiencies.  Know that in eternity you will understand how this all fits together, and those efforts you make individually, each day, while seeming perhaps small to you, are the very decisions that will lead toward that more enlightened future, both for your world and for you, as you progress forward toward the master plan of our Universal Parents. 

I know this has not been an easy reception, but I thank you for the opportunity to try and express a sort of vision about how I would like to see our world move forward, how you can participate, even in the small decisions you make, even as you share those ideas and thoughts with others in your proximity.  Trust that this is not just a playful or fanciful exercise, fleeting, until something else makes itself known.  What you do is what this is all about and each day recommit yourselves to the process of communion with our Father, the process of allowing that to blossom within you and spread out from you in a way that can bring a small amount of light and love to your world.

*            I am Aaron, good evening my friends.  This is a tough act to follow, but I will try to answer any questions you might have if there are any tonight.

Q1: I have a question.  I was watching a symposium on religion and members talking about the 33,000 factions of Christianity that exist.  Many of them seemed so happily atheistic.  How do you reconcile that the world can be so religious and so atheistic at the same time?  Do you have anything to state about that?

*            Aaron: There is a dual nature to humanity when it comes to how they perceive their origins and destinies.  The perspective I would share is that there are so many factions because of how little true authority or recognition of authority there is on your world when it comes to spirituality and religion...

Q1: A huge difference for our planet as compared to those that have more normal spiritual assistance, I’m sure.

*            Aaron: Yes, and the difficulty is that there is no real anchor that everyone can point to and say, “Here is the core, and how do I explore from here?”  You know I say this referring to the visible, for of course there is a spiritual anchor within each person and thus the mission we undergo is to reestablish awareness of that anchor for as many who will listen.

Q2: Aaron, is not love the true universal anchor, no matter what the theological perspective, for any of the various trains of thought are all receptive to and follow the mandates of love.

*            Aaron: When people choose to make their awareness of love their anchor, this holds true.  Too many either are not aware of it, or choose to place their efforts in arenas that do not always value love as a primary motivator.  The anchor is the Father/Mother/Brother spirit that exists for all to access.  Love is the manifestation that occurs which makes you realize it is there.  And so, the ideal is for more and more people to be motivated by love in all their dealings, rather than seeing it as reserved for their close relationships or in a pew on Sunday morning.  When love motivates the businessman and motivates the service workers, then how society operates will be transformed.  Right now, in the alienation and sense of isolation and fear that all value lies in what you can get for yourself right now, it is an exploitative period rather than being motivated by those feelings you suggest.  The great challenge, of course, is to provide avenues for people to access that realization that they are not alone, that there is a unifying force that doesn’t see separation between religions even, but rather transcends the modus operandi that would see perhaps tribal value to love but not necessarily a love that crosses boundaries.  It’s easy to love within your religion or family, but how do you cross that over to where it belongs to other religions also?  Even if you’re from one religion or another, to recognize it’s okay that others from other faiths need to be loved and need that sense of connection also, even if you don’t agree on all your basic beliefs.

Q2: So this misconception about the priority of love or choice of unloving activity might be an extension of this idea that it’s okay for my species to eat your species?  Some of the hard things of earth life?

*            Aaron: Yes, these are fight or flight tendencies, the tribal tendencies and animalistic nature to gather what you can for yourself and your loved ones so that you can survive and others be damned.  Some of this is evolutionary but much of it is also influenced by the sense of unbridled personal liberty that was promulgated by Lucifer and his associates.

Q3: I got in a bit late, but it seems to me that those of us who do understand love and that it comes from the Father and we’re a vehicle for the Father, I do think there are many people who want very much to love, but our society has grown so much it feels like a cacophony and it’s difficult to find yourself in that because there’s so much.  How do we help people understand that love is the highest way?

*            Aaron: These are the challenges you face.  There are deliberate efforts to thwart unifying and caring activity, for not all are motivated by a desire for truth or goodness.  There are many manipulators.  The only true way to counteract this type of behavior is to provide the alternate example and become a voice for separating the wheat from the chaff, for what is true and good. 

I would think you each feel a sense of curiosity about what you have been attempting to do together over the past couple years and much of this swirling potential is coming from that desire to represent something higher, to be alluring with truth, with kindness, with love, in a way that is accessible.  You each have areas where you do this personally in your lives, but if you ask as a collective how you can best serve Father’s will, I would suggest asking what it is that you can represent?  As I view your discussions of late it is inspiring as we see terms such as truth seekers and a desire to be more prominent.  Counteracting lies and deception with truth, beauty and goodness is the challenge you face, whether that is individually or together.  Most often it comes from your relationships that you build, for the words on a page do not necessarily inspire the same way as the interactive capacity holds.  So ask yourselves these questions.  Each of you could add to the painting that you would create in significant ways if you each explore what you can do.  Look to those who resonate with you and invite them.  As more and more people do the things you are doing, this alternate form of behavior that prizes relationship to spirit and value in relationships with each other, underlined with those values of truth, beauty and goodness, will become more predominant and build momentum.