*             I am Aaron, greetings my friends. I would ask you each tonight to allow yourselves the time to be in deeper communion with your Indweller.  Feel that connection and allow it to merge with you to the extent possible. 

(Long Pause)

There is an art in the stillness practice, which can make it possible to gain increasing comprehension of your relationship to the Divine: The practice of letting go of those things which take up space in your mind so that room can be made for those spaces to be filled with an embrace, with God’s love, with insight that can turn the questions into answers, that can turn the resentments into peace, and illuminate for you potential paths forward, away from that which binds toward that which frees you to know what true relationship is, with the universe, with your Father, and with your brethren, as well. 

(Period of group sharing)

*             Klarixiska: Smile, my friends. Everyone wants perfection and it’s hard to admit that we have a long way to go for all of us, those on your side and those on our side.  So we keep pursuing the light that we have and try to live up to that so there is no shadow.  Perfection is so far away and so we must work on the motive.

(More group sharing)

*             Aaron: One insight stemming from what Klarixiska shared that perhaps might ease you a little bit is that when you leave this world and come to your morontia life, one of the first insights you learn is that being wrong or incorrect is merely an opportunity to learn how to correct and be right.