*          With every passing day there is an opportunity to give or to take, to live or to hide, to express or to thwart.  All that you have been given is honored in the reality of your personal exploration with your indwelling spirit.

This time right now is a double edged sword, in that there is great opportunity for change and yet there is opportunity for the stifling of free expression in equal measure.  How does one enable tyranny, but by allowing opportunity to go unmet, for when the opportunities are not realized, then alternate opportunities can materialize.  Life has inequities and there are those who assume privilege over others.  From the spiritual point of view, no person has privilege over another outside of what they earn spiritually. 

You are given every opportunity to achieve real progress if you would indeed reach for it.  How do you become an agent for progressive change, if not to step forward into the opportunities you foresee and engage with others to realize the potentials of brother and sisterhood that goes beyond a mere state of being to actual vision and purpose?

If goals, not creeds, should unify, then what are those far flung goals worth obtaining together that can inspire you and your fellows to engage in activities that would beckon others forward to seek commonality with your principles, projects and possibilities?  What objective is worth setting aside a comforting inertia of the status quo to move, work toward, and engage the effort toward realizing there is a plan, a pattern of achievement which should, when realized, inspire toward loftier goals and activities?

If God is real, and far flung spiritual personalities are arriving for your benefit and education, what could be more engaging than to roll up your sleeves and help put in place the new registrar?  Finalize your plans.  Activate your core.  Welcome those who resonate with the mission at hand and seek cooperative communion.  You can help us to help you bring your world back into the plans and patterns that would be laid forth by the ministry of our Creator Son. 

Listen frequently, become more attuned to the frequencies.  Your abilities to perceive us can grow even more.