*     Minearisia: Greetings, I am Minearisia, here to address you on this fine day that honors mothers and motherhood. It is truly my pleasure to be among you in this manner once again. This morning I wish to share with you limited information regarding our plans for correction. While it may have appeared to this small band as if the efforts to restore this planet were a blip of hope that had passed as collective interest in this mission as a group phenomena appeared to pass, this is not the case. The mission’s purpose was, is, and always has been on self healing. In order to heal current institutions and inaugurate whole new systems it requires mature balanced whole people and vice versa, those changing institutions can lift up the individual person. This mission is an opportunity for individuals to pursue spiritual connection that assists you in finding the truth, beauty and goodness inside you and making those decisions that promote your own well being and the well being of your world.

This overall time of correction is much larger. It is about social aspects, institutional aspects, international relations, attitudes towards races, planetary justice and so forth. While you see turmoil, tumult, backsliding, and general nastiness, we see the results of the spiritual pressure that is being applied, such that people are aware and must choose that which was simply previously hidden in the subconsciousness and we see opportunity for upliftment. This is much like the times of the rebellion in that much time was provided so that each individual could make a decision to stand for the truth, to stand with (Christ) Michael, or to stand with the rebels. This process that your planet is undergoing now is of a similar nature, and it is the shadowy result caused by the rebellion and it must be allowed to play out, so that light and life will come into being.

And so, while what I share with you may not appear to be directly about our plans, I simply wish to communicate that those of us who have been tasked with the reclamation of this planet are not distressed by current conditions. To each of you I say thank you. Thank you for your continuing to work on the task of knowing yourself and understanding your relationship to God and others, that this may be healed and whole. And thank you for participating in the greater task of uplifting this planet, that it may and will achieve light and life.

These are my words for today. My best wishes to the mothers for a day filled with the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to the development of the future. My love and blessings upon you.

*     Aaron: Hello my friends, I am Aaron. It is good to be with you today. At this time, I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Q1:  I heard in another lesson to stick with the original plan of self care and upholding truth, beauty and goodness and more or less that the band is back together. Is that the feeling on your side as the teachers, that the band has got back together?

*     Aaron: It is an interesting perspective to look at, for as humans engage and reengage in this dialogue and resume seeking, it may feel as though it is a reunion of sorts. Recognize, on our part, the band has never broken up, and so there is a worldwide effort to apply spiritual pressure that goes beyond one community to multiple communities, and each of these have had periods of strength and periods of waning. Therefore, we simply look where the desire is, the interest is, and work at the level of your interest.

The past nearly 30 years has seen so much technological advancement and an explosion of information to such an extent that people can shift focus from one interest to another, to another and another, rapidly. And therefore, various factors have caused people to shift interest toward other areas and then return interest when those areas have been exhausted or have had less appeal. We are not as concerned with how one is seeking and reaching as we are with the fact that they are seeking and reaching. So we respond in a corresponding effort to that interest, which is part of our mandate that we only provide a corresponding level of engagement to the human seeking for higher ideas and concepts. But we are always here. For the foreseeable future this will be the case.

Q1: It’s awfully bold of me to think you guys disbanded because we turned our interest to other areas and it’s good to know you’re always there. It’s very comforting. Thank you.

Q2: And picking up on that, I appreciate the statement and the recognition in my own being that your level of effort is, to some extent, balanced with ours, such that if I want to make the bigger or deeper effort, you will be there.  What I see in my mind is the synergistic effects. And clearly you putting out a huge effort on someone who doesn’t want to listen or respond or hear would be useless.  And knowing that greater effort I want to make will be fully supported brings synergistic effects. That’s sort of what I experienced when I heard that.

*     Aaron: Indeed, we are involved only to the extent of your involvement, not because we wouldn’t love to gift you with spiritual enlightenment, but because of the issues involving free will choice and not providing unearned information or effort which has caused much of the calamities eons past by rushing things or forcing things. So that is why we have engaged with you in this manner and it can sometimes seem to be ebbing and flowing, stopping and starting, because where you are at in your desire, in your mindset, in your interest, gives us the level of how much involvement we can administer.

Q3: Aaron from my own background I realized that I so appreciated the inclusiveness of your statement that no one is special in the light and the reflection of God’s love, not those here, those in the church, or those not in the church. It’s just so nice to hear that there are things going on with all peoples which certainly I believe is the way of God. I thank you for that statement of inclusiveness.

*     Aaron: Yes, and  a little flipping of the switch would see it as you are all special, rather than no one is special, and although God is no respecter of persons, each child is cherished nonetheless.

Q2: I find it remarkable to have the opportunity to ask questions and have none, whereas 25 years ago I was a nonstop question.

*     Aaron: At this time, your maturity simply recognizes the basic underlying concept of being part of the family of God, part of the friendly universe, and thus, that has calmed your energy patterns to think more about the wisdom sharing of a given week, rather than a more chaotic approach to wanting to hear that you are loved and accepted and find some sense of confirmation that it is real rather than imagined. Many of these questions you have all had in previous times, are no longer at the forefront of your minds.

Q2: Yes, thank you. My trust in God has grown.

Q3: I read in a recent book, "Growth means change and if you think you are perfect, you’ve changed a lot and more will come." It was just such a growth pattern of feeling satisfied with the growth we’ve had, but if we’re going to continue to grow, change will continue to come.

*     Aaron: Yes, and sometimes the recognition of the growth comes after it has already happened, and much of the sense of starting and stopping that you feel you have had in the past decades related to this experience is a natural course of growth where one ingests many concepts and then must spend time letting those grow within them before they are ready to reach out and gather new information.  And so while it may seem you have all taken a long break at times, we do not see this as a failure, but merely the time between your readiness for new ideas and to look forward once again.

I want to thank you for gathering together. I hope that you enjoy this day, going out and looking for opportunities to see the beauty in the world, to recognize the relationships you have, and look for the opportunities to simply provide a sense of positivity to whatever circumstance you may find yourselves in. I look forward to our next meeting.