*     Aaron: Be alive in this time. Do for the sake of doing good things, and you will find your energy levels drastically improve and your production will progress more assuredly toward a beneficial outcome. Don’t be lost at this time. Do things that allow you to feel alive.  You can be a part of a journey that a lot of people are taking. Find a camaraderie in this connection and listen deep within yourself to the source of truth, who can allow you to provide more output that is worthwhile than anything you can accomplish trying to feel worthwhile on your own.

God loves you, therefore love, live, experience, and set aside the worries, for they are energy destroyers. They will suck the life out of your pursuits. Now is the time to rise and be emboldened. There is no need to feel that you are not worthwhile, for it is your activity today and each day that determines your worth. Any perceived failures from the past are only that, perceptions of something you cannot change. You can tell the story of your life now, beginning with what you do each day from here forward. Be one of the children of light, one of those who believe they can be touched by spirit and seek that spiritual connection which will guide forward into what lies ahead - a new day, a new type of discourse, a new way of living, a cooperative effort to assure that all are dealt with fairly, with equality of opportunity.

Know that the universe is teeming with support, all working for the mission of our Father, our Mother, and Brother, who guide toward more beneficial outcomes.  Listen within. By taking this time you will understand what you can do each day, how you can relate to everyone you come in contact with, how you can be an emissary of the highest source by portraying the message of love, of caring, compassion, and yet with a practicality that there is work to do, that people need to roll up their sleeves and do the work. 

Regardless of which church you go to, which party you belong to, which country you live in, what race you are, no matter your persuasion, there is still work to do and it is the work of learning, growing, developing good communities, cooperative communities where everyone is working for each other and helping each other to move forward so that all can feel a part of something, so that all can have satisfaction in that relationship with not only their own family, but with their communities, and beyond to their nation and the planet, and also have a sense that they are part of the universe.
  These kinds of developing communities and the people who rise from them will also manifest leaders who serve to encourage more enlightened behavior on an individual and societal level.