*     Aaron: My friends, I am Aaron, here today to share with you in the joys of awareness, feeling the presence of our great creative parents. There is a time when we all will enjoy the fruits of the spirit in a state of light and life, recognizing the common unity that binds us, the purpose to become perfected, to experience all there is to experience within our personality expression, synthesizing that with the experiences of others in the Supreme and emerging from that into whatever future awaits for the Supreme in eternity. Recognize this, that what you are going through now is part of that.  If no one in the universes had the experiences of dealing with conflict, with strife, with political chaos, or many other hardships, then the Supreme would not have those experiences to emerge from, and to have engaged with and overcome the difficulties, to forge the universal unity that will at one time exist for all. 

So take heart that what you are working through, in your minds, in relation to your environment and your circumstances today, you are exactly where you need to be in your ascension. Experience it. Interact with it. Decide whether to speak out, whether to hold your tongue, whether to try to shine a light, whether to take a deep breath and relax.  All of these things have their season and you are exploring which season you need to be in at the present time for your expression and experience in relation to becoming perfected at one time later in your ascension. 

So as you contemplate the possibilities, take heart that you are a part of the plan and that no one decision is so critical that if you miss it, it will all fall apart, as long as your underlying fabric is within the desire to do good to one another, the desire to find truth, beauty and goodness.

A short thought, a short lesson from me today. I encourage you to contemplate again, what it would mean to be in a place where the cooperative spirit exists in light and life and to engage with your environment each day to the best of your abilities, making those decisions that can further move you forward in your journeys. Good day.

*     Lynda:  I am Lynda. My dear friends, you do well. I wish for you to know how deeply you each are loved, how much value you have in this vast universe of universes, teeming with life. While we understand that this value, this worth, is incomprehensible to you, and at times some of you may feel like an ant in an anthill, unimportant in the flow of time, this is not the case. Each of you is cherished, is valued. Good is desired - health, happiness, joy, abundant love, insight into truth – all are desired for you. We are here to share that perspective of how much you are valued, not simply so that you can be a more effective worker ant to achieve some far away goal for some distant ruler. No. Good is desired for you; love is desired for you, and in the giving you do receive. And now I am open to questions if there are questions from our discussion of last week or a continuation from this week.

Q1: I think I have a hard time with stillness and staying in the flow with this current environment.  I think it’s easy to get knocked off your steadiness, so to speak.  It’s easy to see a conspiracy behind everything these days.  Sometimes it almost feels as if it’s difficult to know where to start to make a difference. I know it starts with ourselves, but it can feel despairing a little bit.  I’d love to be in an environment that is progressive and growing and people all working for one another, but it seems like that’s elusive these days.

*     Lynda:   Yes, I am pleased to respond. We do recognize the challenges that not only you in this group, but you across this world face at this time. And we have attempted to address your very question in a sequence of lessons regarding beginning with yourselves, becoming instruments of peace by being in your inner being. We have attempted to encourage you from a societal perspective that such times of social upheaval provide great opportunity for progress, even as they bring out the ugliness of that which has been hidden. We, of course, cannot make promises about how things play out.  The history of your world has been plagued by rebellion and default and you hear about and have witnessed history where progress has been made and then seemingly erased, requiring emergency actions, and that fear haunts your view of those social changes your world is undergoing and the political upheaval that is part of the social change.

We have, however, attempted to remind you that the time of correction is here. (Christ) Michael has decreed that this planet will be reclaimed and your world is in the process of being reclaimed. The dawn is on the horizon. And so this is the larger picture and now back to the essence of your question which I understood to be, how do I, as an individual, fit into this span, into this historical moment? What do I do to save the world, to be part of the upliftment?  And so I say to you, the stillness, and this brings us back to the current lesson. Stillness and trust and a willingness to not have an answer but to trust that in the moment or in the day or in the experience, you will feel so moved. 

I wish also to draw an analogy to Christ and his life and that before he began his ministry he made sure his house was in order, that his mother and family were taken care of.  And so it is perfectly appropriate for each of you to live your lives as humans, mortals on this world, to engage in mortal activity, to take care of yourselves, not from the perspective of selfishness, but of love and concern, the same love and concern you would give to another is right to give to yourself. Does this answer you?

Q1: Yes. As I hear it I understand we’ve got to begin with the stillness and being tender with ourselves and understanding our own personal choices related to the whole.  I’ll look forward to reading it back more later also.

Q2: Do we have more spiritual help than at any other time in our planet’s history right now?

*     Lynda:   At this time the Thought-Adjusters are widely spread, the Spirit of Truth is active, the Holy Spirit is active, the adjutant spirits are fully engaged, the circuits are reconnected post rebellion, and a flood of ascending beings such as myself are here under the guidance of high administrators, to move this planet forward. So yes, my dear, the help is here.

Q2: That makes me want to cry with joy.

*     Lynda: Thank you for your question... My dear friends, it has been my pleasure to interact with you in this way. I would draw this to a close, bestowing my heartfelt love to each of you and expressing my gratitude for all that each of you do that far exceeds what you see or understand or believe. Farewell.