*     Tonight, we visit with you in the spirit of all that is, with the recognition that every attempt to be connected allows the opportunity for the downgrasping of God through his varied ministries. It is our pleasure to be part of that tonight, for we foresee a time when the predominant activity upon your world is the sincere attempt to connect with spirit and manifest from that relationship, rather than the lonely life of going it alone, feeling disconnected, thinking nothing is out there to connect to, or feeling that you can’t be connected until you are worthy enough by your actions to have jumped through some hoop that suddenly makes you a child of God, worthy to be seen and touched.

Honestly, it is sometimes difficult for us in our ministry to watch the various efforts by humans to achieve without a true purpose. So many desire to be good enough to be seen, but do not have that realization of spiritual connection as a primary activity leading toward a more joyous and purposeful life, tied to the knowledge that it is the relationship with God that makes life worthwhile.

So your efforts to reconnect and be a part of “the mission” is welcome and we rejoice in the opportunity to connect with you and participate together in the process of furthering light and life on your world. It is, in no small measure, groups such as these, and the individuals that participate and then branch out in their lives to share and manifest what they have felt, heard, and seen, that can allow the opportunity for another to realize the possibility of spiritual connection as a primary activity.

So we encourage you tonight to recognize, once again, the easygoing nature that spiritual growth and development can have, the recognition of being part of a family and a process that encourages reaching out as a first step, rather than an afterthought, or the needing to be something before you can be worthy.  As you share these ideas with others in your communities far and wide, it brings an awareness to others that it doesn’t have to be so difficult to be engaged with God and the many spiritual resources that stem from his/her energy.

We know you struggle with the name this evening. We will just say that we are a pair. Goodnight.